SamplifyRx makes all of the patient support services available to every stakeholder involved by implementing a cloud-based hub that integrates with every touch-point in the specialty drug process.

SamplifyRx automatically populates all available patient services, such as injection training. Our software then allows doctors to electronically select and order patient services, making the entire process more efficient and easier on all parties involved.

Copayment coupons and samples automatically pop up for qualified patients. SamplifyRx automatically blocks the illegal usage of copayment coupons for Part D patients.

Prior authorization, adjudication, and all patient services are automatically coordinated between the doctor and the specialty pharmacy.

Specialty pharmacies have access to all selected patient services in a centralized hub.

SamplifyRx handles both electronic and physical sample inventory management.

The software coordinates the removal of samples from a RFID controlled temperature cabinet*. It also coordinates the distribution of a prescription drug removed from a RFID refrigerator to link directly to the patient support services.

*Intelliguard is a registered trademark of MEPS Real-Time, Inc. Carlsbad, CA.

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