www.samplifyrx.com/events Recently I had the honor to co-present with one of the most respected individuals in the compliance world, Lewis Morris (former Chief Counsel to the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Health & Human Service; Senior Counsel, LeClairRyan). Everyone probably knows Lew as the author of all of those OIG reports for the pharmaceutical industry. Although compliance for pharmaceutical manufacturers, specialty pharmacies and PBM’s can be overwhelming, Lew did an amazing job of outlying the importance of building the process and procedures the right way from the beginning. The presentation revolved around the OIG and CMS reports on copayment coupons. Historically any time the OIG published a similar report, a manufacturer who did not comply with the report’s recommendations was selected as the company to be the OIG example. In other words one company was chosen as the guinea pig to make sure the other manufacturers saw the ramifications of not taking the steps to be compliant. His analogy he used in the video was the most logical reasoning I’ve heard when describing why using an IT solution like SamplifyRx should be part of the cost of being compliant. For more information after watching the video, download his analysis for a more detailed perspective.

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