About Us

mRx Ventures LLC was created to bring mobile health (mHealth) technology to the specialty drug market by moving all patient support programs to the cloud and expediting the prior authorization process from the physician to the specialty pharmacy to the payor.

SamplifyRx created the first single-source marketplace for patient support programs, allowing for:

  • Coordination of patient data between all specialty players
  • Specialty prescription queue document manager
  • Decision support tools to auto-populate referral forms
  • Automatic time-stamping
  • Real-time business analytics dashboard for pharma
  • Inventory management utilizing RFID technology for the first full track-and-trace of biologic samples

The SamplifyRx software platform was built from the ground up to disrupt the current distribution model of patient programs that rely on fax machines and lacks tracking capabilities.  The new SamplifyRx model starts with the distribution to the prescriber and moves through the entire workflow continuum by connecting the prescriber, pharmacy and payor all under the same database while maintaining HIPAA privacy.

No other product on the marketplace connects everyone in a virtual marketplace like this.

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Contact Scott Pribyl, CEO - scott@SamplifyRx.com - (913) 314-8825